Our Story

Our Story

Blooming Horizons LLC was born when Surbhee met Kevin. As they say, when it is meant to be, it happens. Surbhee completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology in 2005. After which she enrolled herself in a PhD program in Clinical Psychology. She always had the passion to work with the individuals with special needs. Her dedication in the field of Mental Health took her places and she worked with a wide range of people suffering from mental health disorders. She was introduced to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis in 2015. She soon realized the power of the science behind ABA, and went back to school. After she became the Board Certified Behavior Analyst, she continued to work with families, train therapists, collaborate with other professionals, all with the mission to help set up her clients for success in the future. Kevin shares the same passion as Surbhee, and likes to help people in need whenever and wherever he can. He went to school for Criminology and Forensics. His analytic skills, detailed, and objective approach to find solutions to problems helps him be the best in what he does.

BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC is committed to provide services that are class apart to all its clients, making sure each and every family that chooses to be the part of our team feels supportive and encouraged. Our ongoing training workshops/seminars, collaborative meetings with parents and other professionals help us remain in accord with the research in the field of autism and other related disorders.

BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC continues to grow with the staff that is committed to make a difference in the lives of individuals with autism.

Our Aspiration​​

Our Mission​​

BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC is dedicated to becoming a world-renowned leader in providing efficient and effective treatment for autism, by blending cutting-edge scientific methods with a deeply empathetic approach. Our goal is to empower individuals with autism and their families to achieve success in the future.

The overarching goal of BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC is to assist each patient in realizing their full potential. BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC is aware of the difficulties that students with autism spectrum disorders pose for schooling. The requirements of each patient can be satisfied by utilizing research-based, scientific approaches along with an individualized program.

We can offer an individualized treatment plan to maximize our patients’ learning and assist them in achieving their academic, behavioral, and social objectives through our evaluation, programs, and processes.

Our Tenet​

According to the ideology of BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC, Applied Behavior Analysis should be used to treat individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an approach that has been supported by science. An ideal setting for patients with ASD may be produced by altering antecedents and consequences in conjunction with discrete trial training and other research-proven technologies. The idea of BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC is that every patient with ASD is unique in their own special way and that programming and approaches should be adapted to their particular strengths and shortcomings.

Our Story
Our Aspiration​​

Our Aspiration​​

BLOOMING HORIZONS LLC aspires to help each patient attain his or her maximum potential in the least restrictive environment via behaviorally-based intervention. Each patient’s program is individualized in accordance with the particular deficits and skills identified through assessment, as well as the maladaptive behaviors exhibited by the patient. Skill deficits and maladaptive behaviors can be defined as those which impede an individual’s overall functioning and ability to learn.

Goals and objectives are established in priority areas according to assessment findings, and include:
  1. The patient’s abilities and limitations in all spheres of development, including linguistic, social, and academic requirements
  2. Each area that is pertinent to the patient’s age and developmental stage, including generalisation and skill maintenance
  3. The substitution of improper behaviors for adaptive ones that are functionally similar and fulfil the demands of the patient.
  4. Specified standards for altering programme elements (setting, supports, services, etc.)
  5. Include the requirements of the parents and family systems to build skills that can be transferred to the home environment and assist the family operate.
  6. Return patients to the normal classroom and integrate them as much as feasible with peers who are generally developing.
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