Discreet Trail Training (DTT)

AKA Structured/ Controlled Training

Discreet Trail Training is a structured ABA technique that breaks down complex skills into small components. DTT is used to teach a new skill or a behavior until mastery. The trial consists of Antecedent (Instructions), Behavior ( Correct Response), Consequence ( Delivery of reinforcement) also known as the three – term contingency.

Controlled Training
Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Natural Environment Teaching (NET)

Blooming Horizons ABA programs put great emphasis on teaching skills to the individuals in natural setting. Each curriculum focuses on an individual’s specific needs. NET programs utilize the individual’s current interests and activities to guide instructions and help them to be successful and independent in everyday life.

Precision Teaching

Precision teaching is an evidence-based teaching technique that is precise. It is a method of planning a program that is specific to the need of the individual person who is having difficulty in acquiring new skills and / or maintaining learned skills.

ABA Programs
Blooming Horizons Programs

Functional Communication Training

Functional Communication Training (FCT) is a differential reinforcement procedure in which the individual is taught to communicate their needs and desires using appropriate alternate responses instead of engaging in the problem behaviors. Blooming Horizons individualized programs focuses on teaching strategies that help individuals with autism to functionally communicate with their environment. The form of communication taught might focus on verbal communication, PECs (Picture Exchange Communication System), AAC Device ( Augmentive and Alternative Communication) device.


Caregivers play a very integral part in the lives of children be it autistic or neurotypical. At
Blooming Horizons, we make it our mission to involve parents at every step of the treatment
process of their loved one. Blooming Horizons trained professionals educate caregivers at every
step on how to implement the ABA strategies in the everyday life of the individual with autism.

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